A word from the Sugarbush Farm (just a view miles from us).
March 2013

Vermont’s maple season started March 1st when it warmed up enough for us to make our first maple syrup.  Snow fall this past season has been on the low side with less than 60 inches since November.  The three Nor’Easter storms that came up the coast and produced two or three feet of snow and big winds missed our area, which is 97 miles from the coast.  So tapping our 7,000 trees was somewhat easier than some years as the snow wasn’t quite so deep.
We are hoping for a more normal season (2012 ended the third week of March with 80 degree weather and the buds coming out).  So our plan is hopefully to be making syrup into early April.

Easter is early this year, March 31st, think about pancakes and Pure Vermont Maple syrup for a nice family breakfast, or order a nice cheese gift box for family and friends. Orders should reach us by March 20th to insure those gifts on the West Coast reach them in plenty of time.
While March 20th is the first day of Spring by the calendar, we say we have two Spring’s here in Vermont.  Our first Spring is March when in addition to maple, we usually have mud.  The rural gravel “back” roads such as Sugarbush Farm Rd begin to thaw, which results in mud sometimes several inches deep.  Those folks who have cars low to the ground sometimes walk the last mile or so to their homes in order to keep their cars in one piece.  Then by mid April, the mud has dried up and the pleasant Spring comes with the grass getting green, leaves starting to open by early May and lilacs blooming by Memorial Day.
Happy Spring to everyone!